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Who is JRZ?
Looking to buy Leads?
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Interested in FRESH TOP QUALITY Leads? Generators, Looking to sell Leads? Want to optimize your profit per lead? Finance companies looking to place your leads you are unable to provide financing for at high payouts???



Who is JRZ Media?
JRZ Media has successfully worked in the lead generation industry for 4 years and have increased lead optimization for clients on many different verticals.


In less than 6 months, JRZ Media has single-handedly assisted many reputable companies to double and triple their revenue with our services.


JRZ Media analyzes our clients, clients who are looking to purchase Leads as well as clients looking to place their Leads. JRZ Media fits together the right Buyers with the right Sellers that will ideally maximize profit for both parties. It is not just how much a client can pay. JRZ Media analyzes ALL the variables surrounding an “ideal fit” for each of our clients based on payouts, unique coverage area, appetite and overall fit.


JRZ Media realizes that Resources takes Time and that Time requires Money. With this motto, JRZ Media WILL NOT waste your time (more importantly your technical resources) with potential  relationships that do not fit or that will not optimally profit either client.

JRZ Media looks to assist in the client’s growth and success.


JRZ Media’s Goal:

JRZ Media takes pride in connecting the perfect relationships that will profit both Buyer and Seller in the lead generation industry. JRZ Media aims to accommodate the Buyers and Sellers of the Lead generation industry with a diligent, conducive and profitable method.


Looking to Buy Leads? (Call us now at (516) 312-4129…24 Hours a day!)

With an extensive network including MANY Lead Generation companies, financing institutes and marketing partners, JRZ Media will connect you with the best suited resource to sell you TOP FRESH QUALITY EXCLUSIVE LEADS. After analyzing what your company is looking for based on your company desires, JRZ Media will place you with the client best suited to your needs in terms of price, coverage etc.


Looking to Sell Leads? (Call us now at (516) 312-4129…24 Hours a day!)

JRZ Media is known to
achieve large profit margins for leads placed for our clients. After analyzing your leads, JRZ Media will connect you with the best suited companies to purchase your leads at a very competitive payout with the ideal appetite that would best suite your desired needs.


Financial Institutions- Looking to place leads you are unable to Finance???

JRZ Media’s clientele have extensive Dealer Networks and Subprime resources that will be able to approve financing for applicants that may not be able to achieve financing through a Prime financing institute.
JRZ Media does business with EXCLUSIVE LEADS ONLY and can place any and every lead you would have available.



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