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Who is JRZ?
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Who is JRZ Media?
JRZ Media has successfully worked in the lead generation industry for 4 years and has specialized in lead optimization for clients.


In less than 6 months, JRZ Media has single-handedly assisted many reputable companies to double and triple their revenue with our services.


JRZ Media analyzes our clients, clients who are looking to purchase Leads as well as clients looking to place their Leads. JRZ Media fits together the right Buyers with the right Sellers that will ideally maximize profit for both parties. It is not just how much a client can pay. JRZ Media analyzes ALL the variables surrounding an “ideal fit” for each of our clients based on payouts, unique coverage area, appetite and overall fit.


JRZ Media realizes that Resources takes Time and that Time requires Money.

With this motto, JRZ Media WILL NOT waste your time (more importantly your technical resources with potential relationships that do not fit or that will not optimally profit either client. JRZ Media guarantees growth and success for ALL of our clients. 

JRZ Media’s Goal:

JRZ Media takes pride in connecting the perfect relationships that will profit both Buyer and Seller. JRZ Media aims to accommodate the Buyers and Sellers of the Lead generation industry with a diligent, conducive and profitable method.



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